Hailyn Kennard

Miss Ethiopia USA 2016 Queen


Miss Ethiopia USA 2016 FOR SOME TIME so LONG

Hailyn Kennard was born in a small town just north of Ethiopia's Capitol. When she was 7 years old, Hailyn, her sister, and 4 other Ethiopian children where adopted to a family in Heber City, Utah. Her adoptive parents, started a non-profit organization which allowed her to periodically travel back to Ethiopia. Through this organization, she developed a deep love for service and humanitarian work. As Hailyn became an adult she was able to return to Ethiopia and start her own humanitarian organization, 
giving back to her homeland. As part of her journey Hailyn has recognized the importance of identity and culture, retracing her own roots and connecting with those things that have shaped her and her life. When a a child is adopted at age 7, a lot of who they are gets lost. Adapting to American culture while still holding onto her Ethiopian heritage was almost impossible, as you are taught a new language, new home, and a new family. Starting futprints has been all about connection. Not only has this organization helped her connect to her home, past, and family, it has allowed her to connect to those in need. Futprints' goal has been to help underprivileged and abused children connect to opportunities such as education and basic necessities. Throughout Hailyn's childhood she was a victim of sexual abuse, instead of letting this have a negative impact on her life, she has used her experience and story to bring awareness and connect to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Hailyn is a cosmetologist, model, TV personality, and was recently crowned Miss Ethiopia USA in hopes to bring awareness to her cause.

Her ultimate goal with Futprints is to inspire children to have hope and strength, even in the most difficult situations. She accomplished vso money things through out the year as Miss Ethiopia USA 2016 queen. She will be missed

Mr. Mussie Hawaz

Mr Mussie Hawaz is selected Designer for Miss Ethiopia USA 2017 to showcase  his collection on Aug 26 2017, at Columbia height Education Campus in washington DC

He is definitely a leading figure in the current Ethiopian fashion industry. He is known as best Ethiopian designer for his  brand Up till now.

He is best known for designing clothes for some of the famous celebrities , Ethiopian Models and fashion shows

A Night of poetry along with full Entertainment featuring fashion show and Ethiopian cultural Dance . Lemen Sissay ,At the age of 24 he has been a full-time writer, performing internationally. In 1995, he made the BBC documentary Internal Flight about his life. His 2005 drama Something Dark deals with his search for his family, and was adapted for BBC Radio 3 in 2006, winning the RIMA award (Race in the Media award given from the UK Commission for Racial Equality).

In 2007, Sissay was appointed artist-in-residence at London's Southbank Centre. He was the official poet of the 2012 London Olympics, has worked with the British Council and is a patron of the Letterbox Club, supporting children in care. His work has featured at the Royal Academy and the British Film Institute. Sissay was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of Huddersfield in 2009 and was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2010 New Year Honours.

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