Each Contestant will compete in five equal phases of preliminary competition: Interview, Introduction, National Gown, Cultural Wear, Talent and Winning Gown. The results from these preliminary phases of competition are added up, and the contestants with the highest composite scores become semifinalists. The number of semifinalists will be determined by the total number of contestants in the competition and is typically between 5 and 10. Scoring is based on the following:

Interview: nterview: Pageant judges spend time with each delegate to learn about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. Attention is focused on her poise, charm, self - confidence and her ability to communicate, as well as the persuasiveness  of her answers. Comment: I believe the adjective persuasiveness fits more than substance.  Preliminary interviews are conducted individually in front of the entire judging panel in a private and closed setting. You will have a two to three-minute interview with the panel of 3 or 4 judges. It's very comfortable and conversational. Contestants are scored on their communication skills, and personality. They are NOT scored on their opinions or personal beliefs.

 Introduction: Attention is focused on beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, stage presence and the confidence with which each           contestant carries herself.

· National Gown: Attention is focused on the contestant queen walk and way of carrying herself on her Gown

· Cultural Gown: This is the stage where each delegate is judged base on her knowledge about her heritage and cultural background

· Talent: The focus is on how well the contestant presents her talent.

Winning Gown: Each contestant wears a gown she has chosen for herself. Attention is focused on each contestant’s overall appearance, self-confidence, and the beauty she bring to the gown of her choice. She is evaluated on grace, poise, style, stage presence, and overall-impression. Judges are instructed to evaluate the contestant, not the dress she is wearing.