Radiant, bold and sophisticated international model, host, and fashionista Salome is an unparalleled fixture in the fashion world. Her extensive body of work spans from fashion runways to magazine spreads to styling devoted clientele. A master stylist, Salome has been heralded as one of the most influential forces working in women’s fashion today, with her dazzling personality, classic sensuality, and her fearlessness in challenging convention.

From her childhood home in Ethiopia, her fascination began early for Hair, Makeup, and Fashion. She spent countless hours after school in a family friend’s boutique. There, she discovered she had a knack for being innovative with fashion and would passionately take on and master any challenge given with an unrelenting enthusiasm. At age 15, she learned to sew, and six months later, she began her runway-modeling career for several natural hair shows, as well as bridal fashion shows in Addis Ababa.

Salome knew she’d have to leave her beloved Ethiopia in search of higher learning and greater opportunities. She set her sights on Europe and ultimately chose Italy, where fashion reigns supreme. And at age 17, she began studying Fashion Merchandising at the Istituto Marangoni – The School of Fashion and Design, in Milan. There, she found her love for vintage fashion, which eventually led to her desire to one day bring her signature look blended with Italian fashion to America.

As a distinctive fresh face, she brought energy, created excitement, and had an undeniable appeal, while making a name for herself. She was propelled to high fashion runways for international designers, such as Roberto Cavalli, in various cities including Paris, Rome, Venice, Nairobi, and of course, Milan.

Constantly being inspired, she decidedly landed stateside in Virginia, where she opened her very own boutique in Norfolk that she fondly named Salome Italian Style. This led to her becoming a brand and developing her keen mind for business that she brings to every endeavor.

Whether it’s through her colorful designs, her African roots, her love for vintage Italian style, or her unconventional twist, Salome boldly brings to life her unique exploration of her beauty, her style, her sophistication, her sensuality…and all things Salome.she helps the miss Ethiopia usa 2017 as a host ,pageant coach and project manager